LE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV - Morocco - Atlas’ glorious cities

LE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV - Morocco - Atlas’ glorious cities

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A network of agricultural-climatic cities

They will be 20 in total uniformly implanted on the Moroccan territory, including 5 in the Sahara. Among them, one will be a mother-city of 1200 hectares and 19 will be satellite cities of minimum 500 hectares each.

Climatically responsible and champions of agricultural production, these cities will be food banks and will constitute a precious scientific and material aid for local populations.

Tourism will not be the least

Morocco will also host an agricultural-climatic mother-city with a touristic vocation. Located near Tamansourt, Marrakech, it will be well integrated in the local aesthetics thanks to its architecture and local activities.

A locally produced mint tea is great. But it is even better if sipped on an eco-dome rooftop with a sunset view on the dunes...

An alter globalization theme park

When one talks about theme parks we automatically think about big names like Disneyland. But the theme park developed in Morocco will be quite different in terms of services, design, management, and environmental impact.

It will be accessible by both children and adults, and in several languages.







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